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Buck wheat pancake/Fish gravy /sauteed beans and carrot /Chickpea salad

Day 1

Corn rice/ kwaati gravy/ egg noodles/ cube mix salad

Day 2

Corn rice/egg noodles/kwati gravy/cube mix salad (english dressing)

Day 2

Spaghetti with tomato sauce /bbq chicken/ ripe pumpkin grilled/lady finger/fruits

Day 3

Katti roll/ fish(diff taste) potato gravy with peas/egg plant in chinese taste/brocauli with butter

Day 4

Cabbage pizza/ egg drop soup/cauliflower rice, julien salad

Day 5

Uttapam wheat rolls/fruits with curd/lady finger grilled/chicken gravy

Day 6

Sandwich / chickpeas gravy / Fish /Salad

Day 7

Pasta with tomato sauce/capsicum egg/greek salad with honey mustard dressing/sauted cauli/ pumpkin

Day 8

A calorie less meal is a structured . eating plan that restricts daily calorie intake commonly for weight loss .following a low calorie meal typically means consuming aroud 400 to 500 calories day time ( lunch) that can lead to weight loss but its requires a lot of descipline to work and be safe scientists have been studying low calorie diets since as far back as the 1980s however ,just because the science is simple dose not mean actually following a calorie less meal plan is easy .it takes planning and efforts to understand low calorie meal plan is not recommended for everyone including pregnant or brest feeding woman (who need enough calorie to sustain there growing babies as well as themselves ) and athletes ( who need the energy from sufficient calorie to perform