High Protein high Carbohydrate Meal Plan Subscribe

Buck wheat pancake/Grilled tomato/Finger salad/Butter chicken/sauteed beans/Kidney beans gravy/Grilled fish /egg

Day 1

Hash potato in butter/Pepper chicken/Sauteed beans/Corn salad/Grilled tomato/egg/Grilled fish

Day 2

Spaghetti with tomato sauce/Barbique chicken/Grilled zuchhini/Garbanzo beans salad/Grilled fish/egg

Day 3

Corn grits rice/Roast chicken/Chinese vegetable/Stick salad with english dressing/egg/Grilled fish

Day 4

Brown bread sandwich/Chinese chicken chilly/Rajma salad/Grilled pumpkin/Grilled fish/egg

Day 5

Brown rice/Bok choy stir fry/Teriyaki chicken/Julien salad/egg/Grilled fish

Day 6

Pasta with tomato sauce/Shanghai chicken/Grilled egg plant/Seasonal fruits/Grilled fish/egg

Day 7

Chicken salad with lettuce/ Garlic brown bread toast/Seasonal fruits/egg/Grilled fish

Day 8

Kathi veg roll/Stick chicken/Grilled bottle gourd/Fruits salad/Grilled fish/egg

Day 9

High Protein meal plan  are designed by highly certified and experience chef and nutrition professionals. This plan will work for you whether you have been dieting for years or don’t know that a calorie. It will give you the energy to maximize your workouts and become a healthier person. The high protein low carbohydrate meal plan is perfect for those with specific dietary requirements and/or specific weight loss objectives.